Marac minutes checklist – Northern Ireland

A downloadable form template to accurately record Marac meeting minutes in Northern Ireland

This resource provides a downloadable template to record Marac meeting minutes in Northern Ireland. It is formatted as a form and is designed to ensure all relevant information is captured at each Marac in Northern Ireland.

Minutes produced by each area will reflect local practice. This resource includes all the information that the minutes should capture to serve as an effective audit trail. In particular this should include the date and venue of the Marac, the name of the Chair, the name and agency of those representatives present (the agencies listed are the most commonly found at Marac in Northern Ireland) and the details of agencies sending apologies and/or information.

Incomplete actions from the last meeting should be reviewed at the meeting and recorded in the minutes, making a distinction between those that weren’t possible to complete due to a change in circumstance and those where an agency hasn’t taken the action.

The form sections include space to record attendees who are present, observers, or those who aren’t present, as well as details of information sharing during the Marac, and action planning.

The resource follows a logical sequence in line with the suggested structure for an effective Marac meeting in Northern Ireland, as recommended to Marac Chairs by SafeLives. It also includes aide memoires for items to be raised and minuted during Marac meetings, which include:

  • the confidentiality agreement
  • any outstanding actions from the last Marac
  • Marac list case reviews
  • Marac cases where 12 months have passed since the last Marac.

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