Marac action tracking form

A one-page resource for Marac Administrators that provides a usable form to track and manage Marac action plans

This one-page resource provides a usable form to track and manage Marac action plans.

There is a responsibility on all agencies, given the severity of abuse experienced by victims discussed at Maracs and their children to have action plans developed at Marac that need to be clear and implemented. This is further reinforced by the introduction of homicide reviews. The responsibility for actions (and their completion) lies with each agency so that transparency and accountability are crucial.

As the action plans should be SMART, it is important that local areas have the capacity to track the completion of actions. It is the responsibility of agencies to report the status of actions to the Marac Administrator in advance of the next meeting. Incomplete actions from the last meetings should be reviewed at the next meeting and recorded in the minutes. Where this is a consistent issue around completion, this should be addressed by the steering group. The process of action tracking should be addressed in the Marac Operating Protocol.

The Marac Administrator should have the capacity to track complete and incomplete outcomes on the action plan within the form.

The form covers different elements of the action plan, including the Marac date, case number, victim name, action, agency / representative, date status reported, and status.

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