Marac data – guidance for Maracs

Step-by-step guidance about data collection at Maracs

This guide provides step-by-step guidance about Marac data collection at Maracs. It contains information for Maracs about collecting data to contribute to SafeLives’ National dataset, and using our website to upload or view that data.

For those who have responsibility for submitting data to SafeLives, guidance is available on how to complete the data collection template (section 2) and how to prepare and upload the data to the SafeLives website (sections 4 and 5). The remaining sections will be relevant to everyone who has a log-in to the website and would like to view their Marac data.


  • About Marac data collection
    • Why should I collect Marac data?
  • Collecting your data
    • To collect and submit Marac data to SafeLives, you will need to complete the Marac data template after every Marac meeting.
    • Completing the Marac data template
    • What does each column mean and what do I put in it?
    • Checking the data
    • What do I do with the data once I have collected it?
  • Logging in to the SafeLives website
  • Uploading your data
    • Save your Marac data template as a CSV file
    • Upload your data
  • Error messages when uploading your data
    • Example 1: The ‘number_of_cases_discussed’ does not match the sum of referrals by agencies (Police to Other) at row [x] in the CSV.
    • Example 2: The selected file [file name.xls] cannot be uploaded. Only files with the following extensions are allowed: csv.
    • Example 3: The ‘Date of Marac’ field is missing at row [x] in the CSV.
    • Example 4: SQLSTATE[22003]: Numeric value out of range: 1264 Out of range value for column ‘date_of_data’ at row 1
    • Example 5: The ‘Date of Marac’ field is not in proper format at row [x] in the CSV.
    • Example 6: At row [x], column [x], value {x} in the CSV.
    • Example 7: The ‘number_of_victims_aged_16_to_17_years’ is higher than ‘number_of_cases_discussed’ at row [x] in the CSV.
  • Viewing and downloading your data
    • Viewing your Marac data
    • Downloading your Marac data

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