Marac information sharing and operating protocol guidance – Scotland

Templates and guidance to support Maracs in Scotland to implement the SafeLives Marac model

This resource provides an 11-page guidance document containing templates to support the implementation of the SafeLives Marac model.

It is for local representatives in Scotland who are involved with the strategic work of a Marac, primarily Steering or Oversight Groups, Marac Chairs, Marac Administrators/Coordinators and domestic abuse professionals.

This guidance contains templates which will support the implementation of the SafeLives Marac model in Scotland. The templates align with the 10 principles of an effective Marac, in particular principle five (research and information sharing) and principle ten (governance). SafeLives believes the 10 principles promote good practice in and around the Marac to ensure that victims of domestic abuse receive a consistent, safety-focused service wherever they are based whilst allowing for local differences in practice. These principles must always sit alongside professional judgement.

The Marac Operating Protocol checklist and the Information Sharing Protocol checklist can be used as guides for developing Marac documentation.

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