Marac administration and governance templates

These resource packs contain templates the for the documentation supporting the adminstration and governance of a Marac

The Marac administration and governance resource packs are for local representatives who are involved with the strategic work of a Marac, in particular Marac chairs, Marac administrators or coordinators and domestic violence coordinators.

The two packs should be used together.

Marac adminstration templates

The Marac administration templates align with the 10 Principles of an effective Marac. They can be used as a guide for developing Marac documentation. Or, you may wish to customise the templates for use in your local area by adding the Marac name, appropriate multi-agency logos, reference to information security and the Marac date.

Marac documentation containing data relating to victims should be marked ‘RESTRICTED WHEN COMPLETED’ and should only be transmitted by secure means.

What’s included

  • SafeLives Dash Risk Identification Checklist
  • Marac referral form
  • Information for victims referred to Marac
  • Research form for Marac
  • Suggested Marac agenda
  • Marac list
  • Marac confidentiality statement
  • Example minutes for Marac
  • Action tracking
  • Information sharing without consent form
  • Potential Marac action plan
  • Marac data collection guidelines

Marac governance templates

The Marac governance templates align in particular with principles 5 (research and information sharing) and 10 (governance) of the 10 principles of an effective Marac. The Marac operating protocol checklist and the Information sharing protocol checklist can be used as guides for developing Marac documentation.

What’s included

  • Introduction
  • Marac Information Sharing Protocol checklist
  • Marac Operating Protocol – checklist
  • Marac Administrator job description

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