Responding to Counter allegations: Guidance – A review of practice

Practice guidance to support all multi-agency partners in identifying and supporting cases involving counter allegations

Counter allegations, where both parties allege the other is abusive, are a common challenge for professionals coming into contact with domestic abuse. This guidance is designed to help support all multi-agency partners in feeling confident to identify and support these cases to protect families.

It has been written in response to an escalation in concern about how agencies identify, assess and respond to counter allegations in domestic abuse relationships. It can be used by Marac representatives, Marac chairs, Marac governance groups, local domestic abuse partnership boards, local safeguarding boards, domestic abuse services and all statutory and non-statutory services who have direct contact with victims or perpetrators and their families.

What’s included

  • Setting the context
  • Typologies of domestic abuse relationships
  • Resistance strategies typology of domestic abuse
  • Impact of counter allegations
  • Referral pathways
  • Tools to aid assessment

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