Marac referral criteria and form

A resource providing information on the criteria for a referral to Marac and answers to frequently asked questions about these

The four criteria for a referral to Marac are:

  • visible high risk
  • professional judgement
  • potential escalation
  • repeat referral


This resource explains each of the four criteria. It also answers some of the most frequently asked questions about Marac referral criteria, including:

  • Why SafeLives recommends a threshold of 14 ‘yes’ answers
  • Professional judgement:
    • How do I articulate my professional judgement?
    • What do I do if my referral is ‘rejected’ by the Marac?
  • Potential escalation
    • Why does SafeLives recommend a threshold of three incidents in 12 months?
    • Doesn’t this criterion just relate to police call outs?
    • Why is my local threshold different?
  • Repeat referrals
    • Why have we updated the repeat referral definition?
    • Why are repeat referrals important?
    • Who should refer a repeat case to Marac?


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