Marac confidentiality statement

A downloadable statement governing confidentiality principles at Marac meetings

This resource is a downloadable statement governing confidentiality principles at Marac meetings.

All information discussed by agency representatives at Marac meetings is strictly confidential and all attendees are bound by the Marac confidentiality statement. It is recommended that the Marac Chair reads the confidentiality statement aloud when commencing the meeting.

This confidentiality statement outlines that all agencies should ensure that minutes and related documentation from Marac meetings are retained in a confidential and appropriately restricted manner. Minutes aim to reflect that all individuals who are discussed at Marac meetings should be treated fairly, with respect and without improper discrimination. All work undertaken at the meetings will be informed by a commitment to equal opportunities and effective practice issues in relation to age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation.

This confidentiality statement provides a process for attendees of each Marac meeting to sign the document confirming that they abide by the Marac of confidentiality principles.

Confidentiality principles

  • To share information to increase the safety, health and well-being of victims- adults and their children
  • To determine whether the perpetrator poses a significant risk to any particular individual or to the general community
  • To construct jointly and implement a risk management plan that provides professional support to all those at risk and that reduces the risk of harm
  • To reduce repeat victimisation
  • To improve agency accountability
  • Improve support for staff involved in high risk domestic violence cases.
  • The responsibility to take appropriate actions rests with individual agencies; it is not transferred to the Marac. The role of the Marac is to facilitate, monitor and evaluate effective information sharing to enable appropriate actions to be taken to increase public safety.

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