Guidance for Maracs: Managing and addressing high volume

Checklist to address some of the challenges and risks associated with high volumes of Marac caseloads

This guidance checklist aims to highlight and address some of the challenges and risks associated with high volumes of Marac caseloads. It also identifies how high volume Maracs and Marac representatives can be supported locally to ensure an effective response to victims of domestic abuse and their children, and to acknowledge and manage these issues.

A small number of Maracs are addressing high volume caseloads at each monthly meeting, for example 40 cases per month, or have annual volumes that significantly exceed our projections – some by as much as 25%.

This checklist provides four main questions for Maracs, with each question detailing further questions and considerations:

  • Are cases high risk? Do they meet the Marac threshold?
  • Does the local structure support an effective Marac process?
  • Are all cases being managed effectively?
  • Is the Marac supported?

This resource also provides information about the support we provide, including our resources library, workshops, and tailored training to Marac Chairs, Co-ordinators and Representatives. This resource also provides instructions on how to access a simple monitoring form for high volume Marac caseloads.

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