Beacons: complex and multiple needs programme

Insight from our pilot programme supporting victims and survivors of domestic abuse

Beacons (formerly known as ‘Connect’) was a pilot programme of interventions providing support to victims and survivors of domestic abuse. It ran between 2016 and 2021.

Many people experiencing domestic abuse will have a wide range of other support needs, often as a result of the abuse they have experienced, or exacerbated by the abuse.

We need to look at the person as a whole, taking all of their needs into account. Victims of domestic abuse with complex needs require flexibility and specialist support that meets their individual needs – preventing people from falling through the gaps in services and improving their long term safety and wellbeing.

Additional needs include things like substance misuse, mental health, homelessness, offending, trauma and poverty, alongside domestic abuse.

Key findings

34 adult victims and survivors were supported between 1st November 2018 and 31st October 2020

  • Victims experienced abuse for 5 years on average
  • 71% experienced multiple types of abuse

55 children were involved in these cases:

  • 62% of participants had children
  • 16% of children were aged 3 or under

Victims and survivors were supported in a range of areas, including safety, housing, children, mental health and substance use.

    After support we saw a cessation in abuse

  • 70%

    cessation of physical abuse

  • 100%

    cessation of sexual abuse

  • 91%

    cessation of harassment and stalking

I was let down for a very long time. Police and social services made me flee, then housing wouldn't help me nor would social services. For over a year me and my children were homeless with no clue and terrified we would be on the streets ...Early Help really helped me with my housing.

Survivor, Complex Needs programme

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