The Metropolitan Police adopts Domestic Abuse Matters

We are pleased to be working with the Metropolitan Police and a fantastic team of experienced associate trainers to deliver DA Matters, a cultural change programme created with survivors and designed to create long term, sustainable change.

We know that the Met becoming an adopter force of DA Matters will be welcome news for victims and survivors of domestic abuse, as the programme is designed to increase awareness and understanding of coercive and controlling behaviour and create attitudinal change throughout the entire force.

Independent research carried out by Professor Iain Brennan shows the positive and sustained impact of the programme – DA Matters was associated with a 41 per cent increase in arrests for controlling and coercive behaviour for adopter forces compared to forces who have not yet adopted the programme.

Londoners and police officers alike want to know that the criminal justice response to domestic abuse, which we estimate affected 241,000 women and 120,000 men in London last year, is as good as it can be. The Met adopting DA Matters is an important step towards that.

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