DA Matters: Police responders training initial report

Initial evaluation of the Domestic Abuse Matters training programme, delivered to first responders across four English Police Force areas between 2017 and 2018

Domestic Abuse (DA) Matters was written with the College of Policing by SafeLives to provide police forces with a sustainable programme of change that offers the opportunity for the country to provide consistency of service to families experiencing domestic abuse. The interactive training tool seeks to address negative attitudes towards domestic abuse and to promote a cultural shift across Police Forces.

This report outlines initial findings from the Domestic Abuse Matters training carried out by SafeLives across four English Police Force areas throughout 2017 and 2018. Feedback forms were completed by 3,657 first responders and by 361 Domestic Abuse Matters Champions who attended the training and responses were analysed. This report considers immediate feedback from responders. Further evaluation activities, considering the longer-term impacts of the training will form the basis for future reports.

Just much more confidence to ask the right questions, get the details to keep victims safe and prosecute offenders. Great course.

First Responder

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SafeLives aim to end domestic abuse, for everyone and for good. Domestic Abuse (DA) Matters is a bespoke cultural change programme for police officers and staff across the UK.

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