The Domestic Abuse Court Advocacy (DACA) standards

Scotland has the world’s first Domestic Abuse Court Advocacy standards, which help victims of domestic abuse navigate a complex justice system.

Domestic Abuse Court Advocacy (DACA) starts from the understanding that:

Everyone has a right to live their life free from abuse.

Everyone should have access to free, independent, and accredited domestic abuse court advocacy.

Domestic abuse is an intersectional gendered issue. We recognise that society is not equal, and power and privilege co-exist both between genders, and within genders

What are the standards for?

The Domestic Abuse Court Advocacy Standards are minimum standards.

They are:

  • A way to explain domestic abuse court advocacy to the general public, including victims and survivors and professionals
  • A way for everyone to know what to expect, at a minimum, from domestic abuse court advocacy services
  • The basis for accrediting services.

Domestic abuse court advocacy services only meet the Domestic Abuse Court Advocacy standards once accredited.

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