Marac toolkit for mental health services

A handy guide with template forms that explains how the process works, how to attend and how to refer

This practical toolkit has been created to support mental health professionals to:

  • understand how the Marac process works and the role their agency plays at the meeting
  • make effective referrals to Marac using the Dash risk identification checklist
  • prepare for attending a Marac meeting.

Up to 20% of female mental health service users will be experiencing current abuse and 50 – 60% will have experienced abuse in the past. The Marac will help ensure that those who disclose domestic abuse to you and are at high risk of being seriously injured or killed are better protected from further abuse. It will also help your work by giving you up to date information from other agencies about your client’s situation.

What’s included

  • Introduction
  • Frequently asked questions about Marac
  • Flowchart on the Marac process
  • Quick start guidance to the SafeLives Dash risk identification checklist, as well as the checklist itself
  • Marac referral form
  • Research form for Marac
  • Contact details form for Marac representatives

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