Local authority guide to survivor involvement

Guide for placing lived experience at the heart of all we do and amplifying survivor voices

Working together, we can aggregate and amplify survivors’ voices and interweave authenticity and independence throughout all our work.

Survivors are best placed to speak on the issues that affect them and will have unique insight into what systems work and which do not in the response to domestic abuse. They can speak from their individual and intersecting experiences that have formed their experience of abuse, and the support they have received, or not, in response to this. By listening and responding to views that are different to our own, professionals and survivors can critically assess and address challenges together, and ensure services are designed and commissioned to fully meet all their needs.

This resource provides information on:

  • why survivor voice is so important
  • benefits for Local Government
  • prioritising safety and wellbeing
  • consent and confidentiality
  • key considerations

There is also a list of by and for organisations and extra resources to look in to.

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