‘Honour’-based abuse and forced marriage cases in Scotland – guidance

Current and best practice responses

This guidance gives professionals involved in the Marac process in Scotland an overview of the best practice guidance for responding to cases involving so called ‘honour’-based violence or abuse, including where this involves potential threat of forced marriage to any of the parties involved, including any children.

What is in the guidance?


  • Who is this guidance for?
  • What is a Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (Marac)?
  • What is so called ‘honour’-based violence or abuse?
  • What is forced marriage?

Background and overview

  • Current practice and data

Best practice guidance responding to cases involving so-called ‘honour’-based abuse at Marac

  • Identify
  • Risk assess
  • Referral
  • Safety planning


Marac process for cases involving ‘honour’-based abuse

Further resources

Specialist support services

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