Guidance for multi-agency forums: Supporting 16 and 17 year olds

How Maracs can support young adult victims and survivors of domestic abuse

This briefing provides guidance to multi-agency forums on the appropriate safeguarding required to support 16 and 17 years old victims of domestic abuse.

In January 2014, the second meeting of the National Marac Scrutiny Panel took place, consisting of a group of experts and Marac representatives, and chaired by the Home Office. The panel reviewed a number of cases of 16 and 17 year old victims who had been referred to Marac. It was evident from this that Maracs are discussing very vulnerable young people who, as well as experiencing domestic abuse, have multiple complex needs and are exposed to a variety of risks, including being at risk of sexual exploitation and gang involvement.

This guidance highlights the findings of the panel which shows that cases involving young people were different to those of adults in terms of the complexities of cases and risk factors.

This guidance also seeks to assist local areas in supporting young people who are assessed as high risk and referred to the Marac meeting.

What this briefing contains

  • Summary of findings
  • Recommendations
  • At the meeting: Identifying risk
    • Missing from home:
    • Sexual abuse and exploitation
    • Online abuse
    • Gang involvement and multiple perpetrators
    • Isolation
    • Complex needs
  • At the meeting: Action planning
    • Confirm a single point of contact / ‘key worker’ for the young person (as identified prior to the Marac)
    • Ensure that the young person is supported by Children’s Social Care
    • Proactively engage the young person
    • Identify siblings at risk
    • Be flexible in the type of support being offered and how long it is offered for
    • Ensure all agencies flag and tag their systems
    • Additional information and guidance

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