Guidance for multi-agency forums: Black, Asian and racially minoritised clients

Learn about Black, Asian and racially minoritised victims of domestic abuse and how Maracs can support them

Black, Asian and racially minoritised victims of domestic abuse have historically been considered part of a ‘hidden’ group, meaning a group which is less well served by the response available in the UK. There is therefore a need to focus on their experiences and additional barriers they can face when identified as victims (or perpetrators) and provide them with safe and appropriate services.

This resource outlines the various reasons why Black, Asian and racially minoritised victims may receive a less well served response. We carried out research auditing cases for the scrutiny panel. It found common threads and themes arising, for example ‘honour’ based abuse.

This resource contains:

  • Aim of this report
  • Common themes arising
  • What the data show
  • Prior to Marac
  • Get the right people around the table
  • Do your research
  • Effective Action planning
  • Outside the Marac meeting


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