Engage: Core engagement pack

Activities, strategies and exercises to help perpetrators manage their behaviour

This pack is for practitioners working with those who use abuse. It contains activities, strategies and exercises to help perpetrators manage their behaviour. It covers how to:

  • recognise and de-escalate anger
  • develop self-awareness
  • take responsibility for actions
  • think about consequences.

The Engage programme was part of our Beacon interventions. It was designed to support couples or families who want to remain in a relationship, where it has been identified that the perpetrator of abuse is motivated to change. It was developed in partnership with MyCWA and behavioural psychologist Emily Alison.

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Responding to perpetrators

To end domestic abuse, we must stop it at the root. We challenge perpetrators to change and we work to stop domestic abuse before it happens. We're actively building our evidence and understanding to develop approaches to prevent, identify and stop harmful behaviours.

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