Dash risk checklist: young people

A version of the Dash risk checklist that has been adapted to identify young people who are at risk, together with guidance

This resource has been developed with the support of young people. We have also received support from Barnardo’s, IKWRO, the Marie Collins Foundation, and Leap: Confronting Conflict in convening the young people’s advisory panels.

The young person’s version of the Dash checklist has been adapted from the original version which was designed for use to assess risk in adults. The young person’s version has been designed to help identify specific considerations relating to young people typically aged between 13 and 17. It helps to identify suitable young person’s cases to be reviewed at a Marac and inform referrals to children’s social care.

The guidance provided is specific to young people. Guidance is provided on safeguarding the young person depending on their age bracket, which is categorised as those aged between 13 and 15, and those aged between 16 and 18.

This resource also provides guidance for identifying risk in teenage victims who are pregnant or who have a baby, as well as risk in pregnant women, as this abuse also represents abuse to an unborn child.

What’s included

  • Introduction
  • The aim of the Checklist and guidance
  • Using the Young People’s Checklist
  • Before you begin
  • Using the Checklist
  • Notes on the use of language
  • SafeLives Risk Identification Checklist (RIC) – Young People’s version
  • The aims of the Checklist
  • Recommended referral criteria to Marac
  • What the Checklist is not
  • Accompanying guidance to the Young People’s Checklist
  • Your feelings
  • What is happening to you now?
  • Your life and your relationship
  • Things that might have happened to you in the past
  • The person who harms you
  • For consideration by the professional

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