Beacons: ‘medium risk abuse’ programme briefing paper

Insight from our pilot programme supporting victims at medium risk of serious harm or murder from domestic abuse

Beacons (formerly known as ‘Connect’) was a pilot programme of interventions providing support to victims and survivors of domestic abuse. It ran between 2016 and 2021.

Through this programme, the Community Idva supported clients experiencing ‘medium risk’ domestic abuse – at medium risk of serious harm or murder.

Earlier intervention can help someone experiencing domestic abuse to recognise the signs before it escalates, to get safe and stay safe before they are at high risk of serious harm or murder. The programme also supported people who had moved from high risk domestic abuse to keep themselves and their children safe and avoid patterns of repeat victimisation.

Key findings

227 adult victims and survivors were supported between 1st November 2018 and 31st October 2020.

  • Victims experienced abuse for 4 years on average
  • 67% experienced multiple types of abuse

449 children were involved in these cases.

  • 4% of victims were pregnant
  • 87% have children
  • 22% of children were aged 3 or under

    Victims and survivors of domestic abuse were supported in a number of ways and saw a cessation in abuse

  • 78%

    cessation of physical abuse

  • 82%

    cessation of sexual abuse

  • 54%

    cessation of harassment and stalking

    After support

  • 85%

    felt safer

  • 77%

    said their wellbeing had improved

Of course, it has made a massive difference, massive support from Idva, I needed it in that time. Helped me to find the solution, and I had someone to fight for me. I trusted the Idva and this really helped. I felt that every time I went out of the Idva's office, felt relieved that someone had told me that. what I was feeling was normal. I want the Idva to know that the support meant so much to me and the service is very much needed

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