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If you’re someone who has always wanted to try running but has never had a reason to do so, this is the blog post for you. As someone who still breaks out in a cold sweat if I think about P.E bleep tests, I really understand if you couldn’t imagine anything worse.

To try and convince you, here are 5 reasons why 2020 should be the year you sign up to do a 10k for SafeLives. Let’s go through these together:


1. Every penny raised takes us a step closer to ending domestic abuse for everyone and for good

We know that the domestic abuse sector is woefully underfunded. We do life saving work at SafeLives, but we need funding to do it. Last year, we trained 7,000 officers in our award-winning DA Matters training and supported more than 65,000 adults who between them were the parents or carers for 85,000 children through interventions. We are so proud of this. But, with millions of people in the UK being victims of domestic abuse every year – we need your help to make ending domestic abuse for everyone and for good a reality.


2. Once you’ve signed up, there is no going back.

As ominous as this sounds – I think in a way it’s quite motivating! If you’re working towards a goal and shout about it by posting it on social media, you’re much more likely to work towards achieving it. Plus – if you sign up for one of our places, it’s free!


3. You can be part of a SafeLives community

Training for a 10k can sometimes feel a bit lonely, so we’ve set up a platform where you can see what your fellow SafeLives supporters are raising through JustGiving. There’s even a list of our top fundraisers for our challenge events. Who knows, that could be you!


4. It’s the perfect way to schedule you-time into your day

Everyone needs some time to be in their own headspace and often it’s really hard to justify that time to ourselves when we have other things going on. Running is the perfect way to re-centre your mind on yourself, your needs, and gives you the headspace to reflect on anything that’s bothering you that day. Signing up to a 10k is just a way to justify that much needed you time!


5. Why not?!

If you’re one of those people who has always thought about doing a 10k but has put it off, why not just sign up?! What do you have to lose?


If you’re feeling inspired, why not have a look at how to sign up for the Bristol 10k or Vitality London now?

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email me at fundraising@safelives.org.uk.