SafeLives responds to Baroness Casey’s interim report on Met Police misconduct

We welcome the Metropolitan Police’s renewed commitment to proactively identify, prosecute and remove officers who commit criminal acts, announced last week. Baroness Casey’s report is clear – fundamental change is needed in policing, both at the Metropolitan Police and elsewhere.

Victims of domestic abuse must be able to trust the police to investigate incidents fairly and appropriately – they cannot have this confidence whilst those who perpetrate domestic abuse remain in their ranks.  Victims of crime also need to know that the force is rooting out individuals or groups who continue to perpetuate misogyny and racism.

Today’s report tells us the misconduct process is not finding and disciplining officers with repeated or patterns of unacceptable behaviour. If the Met are to tackle violence against women and girls, they must understand how telling these patterns of misconduct are. Frequent minor offences, or misogynistic attitudes and behaviours, can escalate to serious crimes. Lack of sanction also negatively impacts on officers and staff in the workforce who are desperately trying to do a good job.

All girls and women must be confident to call 999 or interact with the police. Racism and misogyny will stop them from doing this, severing them from the justice system. We encourage senior leaders to actively root out misogynistic and racist attitudes and behaviours, so they can radically improve the confidence of the public.

Baroness Casey’s Review 

Commissioner’s response to interim Casey report

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