SafeLives respond to Home Office funding to support child victims of domestic abuse

Today, the Home Office announced new funding of more than £10 million to organisations providing vital support to children who have survived domestic abuse.  This will be rolled out through the ‘Children Affected by Domestic Abuse Fund’ over 3 years, to 8 organisations, including SafeLives.

SafeLives’ Interim CEO, Ellen Miller said:

The 2021 Domestic Abuse Act saw children who experience domestic abuse finally recognised as victims in their own right. But too often services are not identifying, intervening, or supporting these children early enough, particularly those from racially minorities communities.

The Government’s ‘Tackling Domestic Abuse’ plan rightly emphasises a need for greater access to support services, particularly specialist ‘by and for’ services and whole family support.

This crucial funding gives SafeLives the opportunity to build on innovative interventions work to reduce inconsistencies that exist nationally in the response to domestic abuse.

Working in Bolton and Sheffield - both Levelling Up priority areas, with high levels of deprivation and large racially minoritised populations - and in partnership with specialist services, Panah Project and Ashiana, and racially minoritised families, we will develop, adapt, and trial the most promising, best-in-class interventions, so children from racially minoritised communities who experience domestic abuse receive a tailored response that better reflects and supports their needs.

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