Response to Domestic Abuse Commissioner’s report Safety Before Status

We welcome the new report, Safety Before Status, released today by the Domestic Abuse Commissioner and support the Commissioner’s call to better support migrant victims and survivors of domestic abuse.


According to research by Southall Black Sisters and Women’s Aid, migrant women are at

an increased risk of domestic violence.

Southall Black Sisters and Women’s Aid

and we know that perpetrators of domestic abuse often use a victim’s insecure immigration status to exert further power and control.

Victims with insecure immigration status face serious barriers to accessing vital support. Those with No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) status are forced to choose between remaining with their perpetrator, homelessness, or the risk of being treated as an immigration offender.

All victims and survivors of domestic abuse should have access to the support and protection they need, regardless of their immigration status.

Our 2021 report, We only do bones here, called on the Government to extend support to all migrant survivors, regardless of their immigration history, so NRPF conditions do not prevent them from accessing the support they need.

Earlier this year we released guidance for Maracs on sharing of information in relation to domestic abuse victims and survivors who may have insecure immigration status. Read the guidance here.

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We only do bones here
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