Poem ‘Dear Dad’

This poem was written by Susie (now an adult and SafeLives Pioneer) when she was 13 years old

Dear Dad

The darkness waits outside my door.
The silence brings comfort to me no more.
The fear in my soul makes my body shake.
Who knows what torment comes; when will he wake?

Mum sits nervously Dad; awaiting orders.
My coping framed as age related disorders.
I wonder will this uncertainty ever end?
Today as always we will have to pretend.

I know at my age, running is all that’s real.
Honestly Dad I don’t know how to feel.
This man she chose is so far from you.
He’s cruel and scary; controlling too.

Dad, I watch him watch me…my every move.
Our compliance as always we will have to prove.
I wonder are all relationships like this out there?
Love being served as a threatening stare.

Dad, I know one day I’ll be free from this hell.
I hope finding the courage – my story to tell.
But, today I am silenced; keeping the peace.
Dreaming of happiness…. freedom…..release.

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