SafeLives publishes new report into psychological abuse

New research into non-physical domestic abuse finds that 91% of survivors experienced psychological abuse at some point in their relationship.

The ‘Psychological Violence’ report, published today by UK domestic abuse charity SafeLives, sheds light on the regularity of psychological abuse, the daily experiences of those living with it, and the tactics perpetrators use to threaten and control.

Psychological abuse is an insidious form of abuse in which perpetrators employ a wide range of personalised, psychological tactics to manipulate and frighten a person, distorting their thoughts and changing their sense of self in order to maintain control.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all the survivors and practitioners who shared their experience with us for the purpose of this report.

No one should live in fear and be tormented in their own home. We must do more to raise awareness and understanding of the tactics used by perpetrators and the dynamics psychological abuse, asking the question "Why doesn't he stop?" rather than "Why doesn't she leave?"​ The same principle applies whatever the sex of the victim or perpetrator and whatever the nature of their relationship.

SafeLives Chief Executive, CEO Suzanne Jacob, OBE

Read the report

Research into non-physical domestic abuse

Psychological violence report

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