Hidden Harms Summit 2020

SafeLives calls for a joined up response to support victims of domestic abuse at the Hidden Harms summit with Prime Minister, alongside survivors and specialist services.

The virtual summit will be opened today by the Prime Minister and has been set up to drive action to tackle domestic abuse, sexual abuse, child sexual exploitation and modern slavery. The summit will also discuss the introduction of a codeword system in supermarkets and pharmacies, to allow victims of abuse to quickly seek help.

SafeLives’ Chief Executive, Suzanne Jacob OBE, will make the case for a long-term sustainable funding settlement for the domestic abuse sector and will call for more Idvas (Independent Domestic Violence Advisors) who provide a vital lifeline to victims and survivors. She will say that their role should be recognised as part of critical national response infrastructure and embedded as standard in hospitals.

SafeLives are proud to be attending the summit alongside a SafeLives Pioneer – an expert by experience – and an Idva who will both be able to share their expertise directly with ministers.

We warmly welcome the chance to speak about this to the Prime Minister and to Ministers with responsibilities for mental health, law enforcement and child safeguarding, and are delighted that a SafeLives Pioneer – an expert by experience – can also have her voice and views heard directly by those who shape UK policy.’

We will also be joined by Kim, an Idva who, like frontline professionals across the country, is providing a high level of support to her clients despite working at well over capacity. Another 300 Idvas are desperately needed in England and Wales just to meet the bare minimum requirements.

Suzanne Jacob, OBE, Chief Executive of SafeLives

I’ll be representing a team of Idvas working across the country to support and get the best outcomes for victims who often feel they have no voice – within systems that often work against them.

Kim, an Idva

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