Call for government to invest in domestic abuse support

As the Government tables its Domestic Abuse Bill in parliament, new research from domestic abuse charity SafeLives shows there are still not enough domestic abuse professionals for every victim to get the support they need.

SafeLives welcomes the formal introduction of the bill and calls for a fully funded duty on local authorities to assess all the needs of domestic abuse victims and survivors and provide services accordingly, as part of its #Invest2EndAbuse campaign.

SafeLives thanks the Prime Minister for seeing through the guarantees she has given to survivors of domestic abuse first as Home Secretary, then as Prime Minister, with this bill. Its passage through parliament sends a strong message to survivors that their experiences matter to people in power.

We trust the Government will want to match the bill with the funding required to end domestic abuse for everyone and for good. That must include fully funded specialist domestic abuse services in the community for adult and child victims to help families stay safe in their own homes, and services to challenge perpetrators’ behaviour, with a statutory duty on local authorities and financial support from central Government. In this way, the full potential of the bill - to save lives and prevent harm - can be realised.

Suzanne Jacob OBE, Chief Executive, SafeLives

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From 2017 – 2021, at the request of the Home Office, we collected the number of domestic abuse professionals in England and Wales and their experiences and challenges.

SafeLives’ 2019 survey of domestic abuse practitioners in England and Wales

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