Ask for ANI codeword launch

Early in the pandemic our incredible group of Pioneer survivors put forward the idea of a code word to be used in the few shops allowed to open – supermarkets and pharmacies. With support from the DA Commissioner and Victim’s Commissioner, we proposed a scheme to the Home Office and are delighted to have been able to work with them in creating Ask for ANI.

Victims of domestic abuse are experts in their own situation and it’s survivors of abuse who first asked for this scheme. We need to give victims as many options as possible, including during the very tight restrictions of lockdown. The Ask for ANI scheme will provide a further vital lifeline for domestic abuse victims trapped by their perpetrators because of Covid. A trip to a participating shop or pharmacy might be a critical opportunity for someone to get the help they desperately need. We commend the Government for listening to survivors and launching this scheme, and hope that more retailers take up the scheme so that victims across the country have a route to safety.

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