16 Days of Activism – Chief Inspector Sharon Baker’s Story

Chief Inspector Sharon Baker shares her story of domestic abuse, hoping to end silence and increase recognition that no-one is immune

Sharon Baker is a Chief Inspector who has spoken out powerfully about her own experience of domestic abuse whilst a police officer, explaining that her body armour and rank, which normally offer an element of ‘strength’, did nothing to protect her from controlling and coercive behaviour.

Watch: Sharon’s story

Abuse is clever, it slowly takes away any self-confidence you may have had and leaves you doubting everything you think.

Sharon Baker

Sharon also talks about a colleague she visited who had been assaulted by her partner, and how important a moment it was to share her experience with her. In her own words:

She was left shocked that someone who in her eyes was so strong could also be a victim. It gave her strength and it began to wash away the thick layers of shame we both felt. We were not alone.

Sharon Baker

Sharon was selected as our Star of the Month for May.

More information on how to Reach In to someone you know who may be experiencing domestic abuse is available here.

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, are worried about a friend/family member, or would like more information about spotting the signs of abuse, immediate help is available.

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