16 Days of Activism – A Pioneer account of the Civil Courts

One of our brave SafeLives Pioneers talks about her experience of the civil justice system

It took me years to be strong enough to leave.

I thought the worst had passed yet now I’ve spent years dealing with post-separation economic abuse.

I was always financially independent but now I am in debt. I have no control over my money as I face a System which legitimises and perpetuates the ongoing control he has to ruin me financially and any future life chances which our children have.

I remember he told me “with me you will have everything – without me you will have nothing”. Never did I imagine that our Civil Courts could enable him to try play this out.

I expected to be free but free we are not. We are trapped in limbo as the Civil Court process enables him to call the shots. Excuse after excuse means delay after delay and a continuing rescheduling of final hearing dates.

Living in limbo with goal posts continually changing, no support from the System and haemorrhaging more and more cash has broken me emotionally.

Suffering from Complex PTSD, I wonder when I can be free and when will the Civil Justice System ever change to force full and honest disclosure and implement adequate checks and balances.

There’s no deterrent for perpetrators being unfair so they can behave as normal and use the court system as a weapon to further control us and our children.

The delay tactics and lack of full and honest disclosure exponentially increases legal fees creating further anxiety.

The civil court process enables him to bleed me dry both financially and emotionally.

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