Definition of a "repeat" at Marac

SafeLives defines a ‘repeat’ as ANY instance of abuse between the same victim and perpetrator(s), within 12 months of the last referral to Marac.

The individual act of abuse does not need to be ‘criminal’, violent or threatening but should be viewed within the context of a pattern of coercive and controlling behaviour.

Some events that might be considered a ‘repeat’ incident may include, but are not limited to:

  • Unwanted direct or indirect contact from the perpetrator and/or their friends or family
  • A breach of police or court bail conditions
  • A breach of any civil court order between the victim and perpetrator
  • Any dispute between the victim and perpetrator(s) including over child contact, property, divorce/ separation proceedings etc.

These events could be disclosed to any service or agency including, but not exclusive to, health care practitioners (including mental health), domestic abuse specialists, police, substance misuse services, housing providers etc.

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