Definition of a "repeat" at Marac

SafeLives defines a case at Marac as one between the same victim and perpetrator(s), where the victim has been identified as meeting the Marac threshold for that area. A repeat Marac case is one which has been previously referred to a Marac and at some point in the 12 months from the date of the last referral a further incident is identified. Any agency may identify this further incident (regardless of whether it has been reported to the police). 

A further incident includes any one of the following types of behaviour, which, if reported to the police, would constitute criminal behaviour:

  • Violence or threats of violence to the victim (including threats against property); or,
  • A pattern of stalking or harassment; or,
  • Rape or sexual abuse.

Where a repeat victim is identified by any Marac agency, that agency should refer the case to the Marc, regardless of whether the behaviour experienced by the victim meets the local referral threshold of visible high risk, escalation or professional judgement. To identify repeat victims of domestic abuse regardless of to whom it is reported, all Marac agencies should have the capacity to ‘flag and tag’ their files following the latest referral so that they are aware if a service user/client experiences a repeat incident. 

Incidents that occur more than 12 months after the last Marac referral do not constitute a repeat incident but instead would constitute a new referral to Marac.

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