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The Kylle Godfrey case makes horrendous reading. Another example of a domestic abuse perpetrator who committed terrible and persistent abuse against not just one but two victims. Another example of a perpetrator who ignored the criminal justice system, harassing his partner after being arrested and assaulting a new partner while on bail. Another example of someone who has an established pattern of abusive behaviour in several relationships. Someone who needs to be managed effectively and who needs to be held to account.

And this is where this case is different.

Kylle Godfrey is not one of the 99% of perpetrators who receive neither a criminal sanction or a behaviour change programme. The police in Hackney appear to have done a really good job in securing not just the evidence for him to receive a 3 year prison sentence, but to use a Criminal Behaviour Order – for the first time in a domestic abuse case. This order, which lasts for 7 years, will require Godfrey to inform the police within 15 days of being in a new relationship – offering the chance of securing safety for a new partner, and making it easier for the police to keep the focus on him and his behaviour. 

At SafeLives we will keep asking ‘why doesn’t he stop?’ and doing everything we can to make this happen, working together with the police and other agencies. This case opens the way to offering victims of domestic abuse greater hope of being able to stay safe in their homes – so we can all stop asking ‘why doesn’t she leave?’