October: Scott

PC Scott Buckley has been a constable in Staffordshire Police for over 11 years. Initially, in the response team, attending to emergency calls, and then four years in his current role in the Harm Reduction Hub. This department aims to understand what support they can provide to vulnerable people to prevent further incidents occurring, achieved through building trust between the victim and the police and giving them the confidence to report incidents and accept support.

What made you decide to join the police force? 

I decided to join the police to try and give something back to the community by helping as many people as possible (this may sound like a cliché but that was my motive).

What do you think it the most important thing to consider when working with victims of domestic abuse?

A lot of professionals underestimate the impact domestic abuse has, not only on the victims but on their family and friends. Every victim’s circumstances are different and there is no specific way to assist but getting to know them and really understanding their situation and needs is always an important starting point to bettering their lives.

What keeps you going when the work gets tough? 

I have various tools to help me when the work gets tough; my family, a close working relationship with colleagues and external partners, but also, and more importantly, helping a victim to turn their bad situation into a more positive one. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that I have personally helped someone to achieve a positive turnaround in their lives.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering your career, what would it be? 

Never be too afraid or embarrassed to ask for help. We all need that support at different times in our lives, no matter how small.

Scott was nominated by a survivor's family who said:

"Scott has been fantastic. Scott totally understands the dynamics of domestic abuse and its impact on families. He has done all he can to support us as a family and to show patience and a caring, understanding approach to my daughter and her needs. I actually have cried with relief that we had been lucky enough to be put in touch with Scott.

"Scott, you're a special police officer with a passion for your job and genuine care and understanding for the public you serve. If we had more officers like you a lot more victims would become stronger knowing they have someone who understands and will do all they can. I feel it is important that we raise the good that people do especially when it’s helped to change someone’s life and I believe this has been the case."

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