Response to the announcement on increased funding for refuges

25th November 2014

“Caada welcomes today's announcement of increased funding for domestic violence services.

On International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls, we urge the government to set out a comprehensive plan to fund what works to keep victims of domestic abuse safe.

While refuge remains a vital resource for some victims, keeping families safe does not just require a housing response. Nowadays, many more victims get help in the community.

Idvas (independent domestic violence advisors) provide intensive support to victims. They work with the police and all the other local agencies at a Marac meeting to make sure the victim is safe and protected – and hold the abuser accountable. It's a modern and flexible approach that works: the abuse stops for 63% of victims who have support from an Idva and Marac.

But across the country there are just half the number of Idvas required. This means thousands of victims at high risk of murder or serious injury aren't getting the help they need.”

Please note, Caada is the former name of SafeLives.