SafeLives launch partnership with NatWest to support customers affected by financial abuse

16th October 2019

As the Domestic Abuse Bill continues to make its way through Parliament, NatWest launches a flagship partnership with SafeLives to review and improve upon its existing response to supporting customers who are affected by financial abuse.

Suzanne Jacob, OBE, CEO of SafeLives, said:

“70% of survivors of abuse who engaged with us through our Every Story Matters platform last year told us that the perpetrator used money as a way to control them or cause harm. For too long financial abuse has remained ‘hidden’, with victims unable to access the support they urgently need. Banks plays an important role in our life, often for many years and sometimes for a lifetime, and they therefore have a crucial role to play in improving the response to abuse, using the insight and tools they have. We’re delighted to see NatWest’s commitment to this issue and look forward to working together.”


• To speak to a NatWest spokesperson, please contact Rosie Walters on 01316260084
• To speak to a SafeLives spokesperson, please contact Natalie Mantle on 07395460466

About SafeLives

We are SafeLives, the UK-wide charity dedicated to ending domestic abuse, for everyone and for good.

We work with organisations across the UK to transform the response to domestic abuse. We want what you would want for your best friend. We listen to survivors, putting their voices at the heart of our thinking. We look at the whole picture for each individual and family to get the right help at the right time to make families everywhere safe and well. And we challenge perpetrators to change, asking ‘why doesn’t he stop?’ rather than ‘why doesn’t she leave?’ This principle applies whatever the sex of the victim or perpetrator and whatever the nature of their relationship. 

Last year alone, nearly 11,000 professionals working on the frontline received our training. Over 65,000 adults at risk of serious harm or murder and more than 85,000 children received support through dedicated multi-agency support designed by us and delivered with partners. In the last three years, over 1,000 perpetrators have been challenged and supported to change by interventions we created with partners, and that’s just the start. 

Together we can end domestic abuse. Forever. For everyone.