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Sally Steadman-South is manager of SafeLives' Marac development programme.


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Why go back to the dark ages? – Life before Dash and Marac

Last month, SafeLives ran a series of seminars for Maracs – celebrating the hard work of professionals up and down the country, and taking time to think about what’s next. During the London event, I had the pleasure of seeing lots of old colleagues from my time at Advance and Standing Together Against Domestic Violence.

Near miss reviews: finding out what we can do better

Lots of us are (sadly) familiar with domestic homicide reviews (DHRs). Completed in the aftermath of a domestic abuse death, DHRs look for lessons to help prevent a similar incident in future.

But why wait? SafeLives has spoken to a local authority which ran a “near miss review”, after a victim of domestic abuse attempted to end her life, resulting in serious injuries.

We’ve kept the area anonymous. But the findings and recommendations have lessons for us all, as we try to implement better ways of working to help victims become safe.