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The value of having student social workers on placement in domestic abuse services

Kathleen Collier is the Head of Learning and Employee Development for Black Country Women’s Aid, a pioneering charity that provides domestic and sexual violence abuse services, as well as complex needs, specialist stalking and  modern day slavery provision. She is also the co-founder of SelfCare Psychology, who specialise in the wellbeing of frontline practitioners.


How can we learn the lessons from Domestic Homicide Reviews?

Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs) and Serious Case Reviews (SCRs) frequently identify a lack of good information sharing amongst agencies, and frequently find that professionals have not identified different forms of risk within families.  Information sharing is about more than just passing on information; it’s about how agencies understand risk and collaborate to reduce it. In his blog, James Rowlands discusses how we can best utilise DHRs to prevent repeated mistakes.


Children's social workers, domestic abuse and collaborative working

Vashti Wickers works as an independent consultant and trainer, providing improvement consultation and completing safeguarding auditing programmes for local authorities. Previously, Vashti spent 20 years practicing statutory social work, including working as Head of Service. Within this post Vashti held operational responsibility for the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub as well as the frontline child protection teams.