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Issues around lack of domestic abuse training for Social Work students 

Cherryl is currently a Safeguarding Advisor to Sheffield Cathedral and Assistant Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor for the Church of England. She began her career as an Offender Manager, then became one of the first Victim Contact Officers for the Probation Service before taking on an Idva role. Since 2008, Cherryl has undertaken strategic leadership in the violence against women sector within local authorities in Yorkshire.

Why Ofsted believe in the whole family approach

Paul d'Inverno joined Ofsted as one of Her Majesty's Inspectors in 2007. Paul is a qualified and registered social worker and has worked in several different roles within children's services; local authorities; the voluntary sector; inspection and regulation. Paul has experience of leading and being a team member on a range of inspections. Paul was previously the national lead for fostering and adoption and is currently the specialist adviser for child protection.


Six tips to support LGBT+ parents who have experienced Domestic Abuse

Millie Fry is a specialist LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Caseworker and Idva at Galop, and has also worked on the National LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Helpline. She has worked for many years in advice and advocacy, including within mental health roles and the domestic and sexual violence sectors, and has been a specialist LGBT+ practitioner for three years. Millie is passionate about empowerment within oppressed or traumatised communities and they aim to continue this work.

Six tips to support LGBT+ parents who have experienced Domestic Abuse