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The role of social workers in responding effectively to domestic abuse

Domestic violence is one of the most common issues social workers come across. But their role is often not fully understood outside the social work sector. Lydia Bennett, professional practice advisor at the College of Social Work, explains.

Social workers have worked  with victims of domestic violence for years - in the courts, social services, accident and emergency, and in refuges. But their role in helping victims and families is still not well understood.


Working with young people in abusive relationships - and how it's different to helping adults

Claire Amans is a young people's violence advisor, trained through the young people's programme. The programme, funded for two years by the Department for Education, has now come to an end. Here Claire reflects on her role.

When I started working as a young people’s violence advisor, I was surprised to see how many young people were victims of high-risk abuse. I’d worked in youth justice previously, so I knew that there would be some high-risk victims, but I didn’t realise how many.