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Making the Marac process work for disabled people

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Jennifer Daw is a Research Analyst for SafeLives. In this blog she looks at what current Marac data tells us about how many disabled people are accessing support services. She writes about 'hidden impairments' and SafeLives' recommendations for the inclusion of disabled people at Marac. 

Older people and domestic abuse - completing the jigsaw

How can we help older people living with domestic abuse? Join the conversation – Twitter Q&A with Age UK 1-2pm on Wednesday 31 August. 

Richard Powley is Head of Safeguarding at Age UK. In this thoughtful blog post he takes a look at what can be done to improve the help and support offered to older people experiencing domestic abuse.

5 challenges older victims of domestic abuse face – and what you can do to help

Monsura Mahmud is a Domestic Abuse Prevention Adviser for the Silver Project, a specialist service for women aged 55 and over affected by domestic and sexual abuse. The project is run by Leading Lights-accredited Solace Women’s Aid and provides one-to-one support, as well as training professionals who come into contact with older victims.