Online training for professionals in Scotland

We are pleased to offer a number of new online courses for professionals in Scotland.

These courses are open to any professionals or volunteers in Scotland who are looking to strengthen and deepen their understanding of domestic abuse. Please note that all sessions will be hosted on Zoom and the cost of each course is £45.

Excellent training delivered well over zoom. Given the different environment I really liked the flexibility allowed for discussing/sharing as well as the great learning materials.

- Participant, online training course

Summer 2022 Open Courses
We are pleased to announce that Summer/Autumn 2022 applications are now open!

The Dynamics of Domestic Abuse (Thursday 25th August - 9:30am-1pm) £45 per person

This session covers:

  • The impact of domestic abuse on the whole family
  • Identifying domestic abuse
  • Perpetrator tactics
  • How domestic abuse develops 

Applications are now open! Please apply via this link.

Previous learner quote: 

The training was packed full of valuable information, which was accessible and very thought provoking. I learnt a lot of new things.

Risk Assessment for Domestic Abuse (Thursday 29th September - 9:30am-1pm) £45 per person

This session will cover:

  • Introduction to the Dash (Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Honour based violence) risk assessment tool
  • Background and overview of the Dash risk assessment tool
  • Multi-agency risk management
  • Consent, data protection and information-sharing

Applications are now open! Please apply via this link.

Previous learner quote:

Very informative and thorough information. Made me much more confident in carrying out risk assessments and using professional judgements.

Safety Planning for Domestic Abuse (Thursday 13th October - 9:30am-1pm) £45 per person

This session covers:

  • Safety planning for people experiencing domestic abuse
  • DSDAS (Disclosure Scheme Domestic Abuse Scotland)
  • Signposting and referring to specialist services
  • Information-sharing in cases of domestic abuse
  • Overview of the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act 2018 and other legal responses to domestic abuse

Applications are now open! Please apply via this link.

Previous learner quote:

...the training for me, as a student was imperative to my understanding regarding domestic abuse and its intricacies. I wish every single student had the opportunity to undertake this course as it really allowed me to understand and dig deeper around domestic abuse and it sparked a personal interest and passion for the type of social worker I hope to become - thank you for this great opportunity.

Domestic Abuse Workplace Policy (Tuesday 22nd November - 9:30am-1pm) £45 per person

This session covers:

  • The definition of domestic abuse
  • Workplace policy and responding to disclosures
  • Workplace safety planning (including considerations for people working from home)
  • Allegations of domestic abuse and perpetrators

Applications are now open! Please apply via this link.

DAART: Domestic Abuse Awareness Raising Tool

DAART is our free online resource for professionals. It is an awareness-raising tool and serves as an introduction to domestic abuse and coercive control. It also provides a directory of local and national services in Scotland. 

Access DAART

Please note that DAART provides an overview of the main considerations when responding to domestic abuse, however it does not replace specialist domestic abuse training. 

We surveyed users of DAART. Read this briefing summarising what they told us about their experience of using the tool, and a snapshop of how and where it is being used. 

If you have any questions about our online training offer or DAART, please contact scotland@safelives.org.uk