Meet our trainers

Briony Williamson – Head of Training

Briony joined SafeLives in 2012. Since then, she’s delivered training on a host of topics, including SafeLives’ Young People’s Programme and our Idva training. Briony has been Head of the Training team since August 2018.

As well as being an experienced trainer, Briony is a qualified youth worker and has worked with the Devon Youth Service. She has also worked as an Idva for community-based domestic abuse services in North Devon and Bristol, and as Women's Safety Worker for the Integrated Domestic Abuse Programme and other voluntary perpetrator programmes.

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Roxanne Hammonds – Associate Trainer and Assessor

After completing her Masters in Psychology, until very recently Roxie worked at the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) in Cardiff for 9 years, supporting victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence. In 2012, she co-developed the Responding to victims of Sexual Violence training for Safelives. Roxie now trains on IDVA, ISVA, DA Matters and bespoke courses.

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Kathryn Hinchliff – Leading Lights Programme Lead

Kathryn joined SafeLives in 2010 as a leading lights coach and assessor. In 2014 Kathryn developed the new Level 4 accredited training for service managers and re-launched leading lights standards to a wider group of community based domestic abuse services, including outreach, floating support and group work services. Kathryn now oversees the service manager training and leading lights programme.

As well as being an experienced trainer and assessor, Kathryn is a qualified Idva and has managed Idva & outreach services in Norfolk and Rotherham. In these roles she developed and delivered training for nurses, police officers and multi-agency partners across Norfolk & South Yorkshire. Prior to her work as an Idva Kathryn worked in refuge and on a county wide data monitoring project that looked at domestic abuse reporting across health, police, housing and specialist services. Outside of SafeLives, Kathryn is a trustee at her local domestic abuse service.




Judith Fitzsimmons – Trainer and Assessor

Judith has worked in Domestic Abuse services for around 18 years, as a child worker in refuges, a refuge worker and an Idva. Her last DA role before becoming an associate trainer at SafeLives last October was as DV Coordinator for Hackney. When she's not working, Judith enjoys teaching yoga and exploring her new hometown of Bath.









Deborah Cartwright – Associate Trainer

Deborah has worked in care and support for many years in a wide range of services including mental health and domestic abuse. She trains on the Service Managers course as well as Domestic Abuse Matters, and supported the development of the Outreach training course. She also delivers Safeguarding training for the Kent SCB.

Deborah says: "I am interested in the development of both organisations and practice and am driven by how we create learning environments that are able to move practice forward, enable staff to be creative and flexible whilst holding this within safe frameworks." 






Alice Hunt – Associate Trainer

Alice is a qualified Probation Officer and Counsellor. She worked for many years delivering community treatment programmes for men with sexual and domestic abuse convictions.

Alice then specialised in working with young people with problematic behaviours and complex needs, often from families where there is domestic abuse. She currently works as a therapist for a specialist service in Bristol. She also provides self care counselling for staff in prisons working with high risk offenders.

Alice is a freelance trainer delivering on a variety of topics, including  the SafeLives young people's programme and Domestic Abuse Matters.





Laura Croom – Associate Trainer and Assessor

Laura worked for SafeLives in our first five years, when she developed and launched the Leading Lights programme. Now as an associate, she trains on the Service Managers course and assesses services for Leading Lights accreditation.

Since leaving SafeLives, Laura’s other consultancy work has included chairing domestic homicide reviews, and working with local authorities in England, Scotland and Wales, the police and third sector organisations to scope, assess and improve their response to victims of violence against women and girls.  She has assessed local authority partnerships for the Home Office-funded guidance on domestic abuse partnerships and worked with the Welsh Government to develop its guidance in preparation for the launch of its Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Act 2015.





Evelyn Sharp – Associate

Evelyn joined SafeLives in 2015. She has worked as a trainer and assessor on Idva courses, and trains police responders on the Domestic Abuse Matters programme. She has also written and delivered our training on supporting LGBT victims of domestic abuse. 

Evelyn is an experienced Idva and domestic abuse caseworker. She specialises in domestic abuse within LGBT communities. She has also worked as a domestic abuse practitioner with young people and women offenders, and delivered group work. Evelyn is also a qualified counsellor. She currently runs a private practice in Brighton, and works as a therapist in a domestic abuse therapeutic and trauma Service at RISE in Brighton.

As an independent trainer and consultant, Evelyn delivers training and talks on a range of topics related to domestic abuse, LGBT communities and counselling.







Zoë Jackson – Trainer and Assessor

Zoë joined SafeLives in 2015, as a trainer and assessor on the Service Managers Course. She is the Operations Manager at Aurora New Dawn, a domestic abuse, sexual violence and stalking advocacy service based in Hampshire, and was part of a small group of women who set up the organisation in 2011. Zoë has overseen Aurora’s operational growth from a new service and a team of four, to a Leading Light service with 14 members of staff in just four years. In 2015, Aurora New Dawn won a National Diversity Award in the category of gender for its work with victims.

Zoë has worked in the domestic abuse and sexual violence sector for over 10 years. After graduating in Law from the University of Bristol in 2003, she worked as a Safelives accredited Idva at Portsmouth City Council, and then managed the Idva/Isva team there, before moving to Aurora. Zoë is accredited by SafeLives as a service Manager.

Zoë sits on the Wessex CPS Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Scrutiny Panel, and is currently studying for an MSc in Criminology and Criminal Psychology at the University of Portsmouth, with a focus on the identification and management of serial perpetrators of domestic abuse.