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Multi-agency engagement at MARAC: a good practice case study


Gaining referrals across a range of agencies is a key indicator of a healthy Marac, but keeping so many partners in the loop can be hard. One Marac currently recording cases from all 13 referring agencies is Swansea in South Wales. For Amanda Stone (Marac Co-ordinator) and Bryan Heard (Chair), working as effectively as possible with a range of key partners is central to continued identification of, and support for, victims of domestic abuse and their families.

A single point of contact

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How to run an effective hospital-based IDVA service: a best practice case study

Data gathered for CAADA's 2012 policy report, A place of greater safety , shows that victims identified through health services were more likely to reflect vulnerable, hard-to-reach groups, such as B&ME or younger patients and those with complex needs, including mental health and substance/alcohol misuse issues.