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Reflections on a landmark year for Scotland

As the Covid-19 pandemic takes hold, it’s hard to escape the troubling times facing us all – but our thoughts are particularly with those adult and child victims living with abusive perpetrators, where home is not a place of safety, but a place where they will face a potential increase in violence and psychological abuse as well as even greater isolation. Now more than ever, support services are crucial and the police must remain alert to domestic abuse in its many forms.

Extending the offence of controlling or coercive behaviour to post-separation (economic) abuse

Cyrene Siriwardhana is the Legal and Policy Advisor at Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA). In this blog she explains why SEA is campaigning to extend the definition of coercive and controlling behaviour to include post-separation abuse and economic abuse in particular. You can also read a transcript of a survivor, Jane*, telling her story.

Poem: 'Dear dad'

This poem was written by Susie (now an adult and SafeLives Pioneer) when she was 13 years old


Dear Dad

The darkness waits outside my door.
The silence brings comfort to me no more.
The fear in my soul makes my body shake.
Who knows what torment comes; when will he wake?