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Getting it right first time – the grim reality

When I worked in the City no one ever talked to me about domestic abuse.  Now, a week does not go by that a friend does not ring me for advice about how to find help for their daughter, sister or close friend.  Most recently I was called by a friend who wants to help an elderly neighbour who, having finally divorced her abusive husband, is now suffering violence and abuse from her grown-up son.  My friend asked if I could find a local support service that she could speak to. Easy I thought.

I kept hoping someone would ask…

Anyone who’s worked with victims of domestic abuse knows the stories. The GP who told her the problems with her boyfriend were just post-natal depression. The A&E nurse who treated the injury, without asking how she’d got it. The housing officer who raised a repair for the smashed door without stopping to think why it was broken.  

The shocking truth is this: we could stop domestic abuse far earlier than we do. There are too many missed opportunities where frontline workers don’t stop, think, and ask about domestic abuse when they’re worried about a family.