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This morning I was standing at the bus stop literally hopping from foot to foot I was so impatient to get to work. And not because I've got pending deadlines or urgent meetings.

It's not very cool or British to say you love your job or your organisation. We're all supposed to dread Monday, live in desperate hope of Friday and/or wine, and be secretly resentful of all our colleagues. I don't. I'm not. I love my job. We're a geographically spread and very busy team. We rarely get to spend time together and when we do it's often crammed with decisions we need to make. Yesterday we took time to look ahead to next financial year and the excitement in the room bowled me over.

This is a talented, committed team. They know about domestic abuse, and the absolute horror it causes, but they also know they can do something about it. Something that works. Something that changes lives. I'm bursting with pride to be a part of that. I'll put it down to my Middle Eastern blood, summertime, anything you like, but I know I'm not alone in how I feel about going to work. And that's awesome.