Response to Amber Heard's joint statement and decision to donate her divorce settlement to domestic abuse charities

19th August 2016

'Amber Heard and Johnny Depp released a joint statement about their relationship. In it, they describe a 'volatile' relationship in which someone got hurt but no one was to blame. At SafeLives and across the domestic abuse sector we fight these euphemisms and half-truths every day. We totally reject them. If someone hits another person, uses the threat of violence, controls them  -  that is not OK.  It isn't 'passion'. It isn't crazy love. It's criminal and it's wrong. Women have the right to be free from fear in their relationships. They have a right to tell the truth about those relationships without being muzzled or shouted down. They have the right to be believed. At SafeLives we won't rest until Amber Heard and anyone else living with abuse enjoys these rights in full. We wish her the best and hope she has proper support as she moves on from a horrible period in her life. We know the money donated by Amber to domestic abuse charities will help so many women and children who remain afraid of those who claim to 'love' them.'

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact Penny East, Head of Communications at SafeLives, on 07818 593 562 or by emailing penny.east@safelives.org.uk.

About SafeLives

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